Adult Services

While Melissa specialises in working with children, adult services are also available.
Prior to specialising in paediatrics, Melissa worked with adults in Occupational Rehabilitation, Orthapaedics and Stroke Rehabilitation. Melissa also worked in both aged care and disability services prior to training as an Occupational Therapist.

Melissa is a registered provider for
the National Disability Insurance Scheme and the Department of Veterans Affairs.

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  1. Home Modification
    Home Modification
  2. Functional Assessment
    Functional Assessment
  3. Driving Assessment
    Driving Assessment
  4. Ergonomic Assessment
    Ergonomic Assessment
  5. Rehabilitation
  6. Equipment Prescription
    Equipment Prescription
  7. Behavioural Assessment
    Behavioural Assessment
Equipment Prescription
Melissa can provide assessment and recommendations for equipment such as wheelchairs, over toilet frames, shower chairs and aids to help with activities of daily living. Please note that walking frames need to be prescribed by a Physiotherapist.
Melissa can also complete applications for funding through NDIS , Enable NSW or other funding bodies for those who are eligible.

Home Modification Recommendations
Melissa can assess the home environment and provide recommendations for modifications such as grab rails, ramps and bathroom or kitchen modifications.
Melissa can also complete applications for funding through NDIS , Home Modification Australia or other funding bodies for those who are eligible.

Ergonomic Assessment
Melissa can provide assessment and recommendations for workstation set up. This may be as a preventative measure or for someone who is already experiencing pain or discomfort due to their work environment. 

Functional Assessment
Melissa can provide assessment of an individual's functional capacity in areas such as dressing, showering and cooking. This is especially relevant in establishing whether someone is safe to live independently in their own home. 
Assessments can be conducted in the home environment or at the clinic.

Rehabilitation Services
Melissa can provide physical or cognitive rehabilitation services following a physical injury, stroke, brain injury or for individuals living with a disability.

Behavioural Assessment
Melissa can provide consultation and recommendations on behavioural issues for adults with a disability, especially those that may relate to sensory processing difficulties.

Driving Assessment 
Unfortunately Melissa is unable to provide driving assessments. The closest provider is Driving Assessment and Rehabilitation Services in Port Macquarie.