Autism Early Intervention Package
Who is Eligible?
Children under 7 years old who received a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder before age 6.
If your child received their diagnosis after they turned 6 but are still under the age of 7 you may be able to apply for a special exemption to allow you access funding. Contact us to discuss this.

How many sessions can I access?
You are allocated a funding budget rather than a set number of sessions.

How much will I receive?
You will have a budget of $12,000 to use before the child's 7th birthday. 
No more than $6,000 can be used in one financial year.
Within this budget 100% of the fee is covered so there is no gap to pay and funding is paid directly from FaHCSIA to the therapist, so you wont need to worry about paying for therapy and claiming it back.
Some of this funding can be used to purchase resources.

How do I access this funding?
Once the child has received a diagnosis of ASD from a Paediatrician you will need to contact ASPECT Australia.

This funding is currently being phased out and will be replaced by the National Disability Insurance Scheme. However it is still possible to access it at this time.

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