Better Access to Mental Health
Who is Eligible?
There are a number of OT interventions that are eligible for funding under the Better Access to Mental Health Plan including social skills training, behavioural management, anger and anxiety management and sensory regulation techniques. Your GP will be able to advise you if you are eligible.

How many sessions can I access?
10 individual sessions per calendar year
10 group sessions per calendar year
These sessions are shared with other health professionals such as Psychologists.

How much will I receive?
The rebate offered by Medicare varies but the typical rebate for individual sessions is $74.80
Bulk Billing is available for shorter sessions, a gap payment will apply for a standard session.

How do I access this funding?
Your GP will need to complete a Mental Health Care Plan and referral.
We can process your Medicare rebate straight back into your account at the time of payment.

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